Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Morning After....

Okay...the elections are almost over. "Almost" indicates the few awaiting recounts, etc., that will finally determine the entire landscape of governing politics, starting in January. We'll see how the television fills its advertisements, etc. That's always amazing to me when they seem to find other businesses to fill that massive void. No more robo calls!! That's good, too. Time for all to "get a life!"

As you might guess, some of my candidates won while others lost, but on the whole I am absolutely encouraged. Why? Because in many cases, the population of the governing bodies looks more like the nation's population.

As I sat watching the results, the pundits continued to use the word "historic." YES! That means that things are changing. People are getting out to vote, instead of sitting home, thinking incorrectly that "it" doesn't matter if they go vote. "It" does matter. It matters very much, and when it matters, we change history. People are not allowing the same old people to do things in the same old ways...with the same old positions. Our nation is changing, so it is important to make certain that the bodies of government that provide laws and policies for this changing world also change.

As far as I can determine, that happened last night. Candidates that were considered a shoo-in barely escaped defeat by the skin of their teeth. People came from out-of-the-blue (no pun intended....just now thought about it) to defeat the establishment. Wow! Holy wow!! "It" can be done. It can absolutely be done. This is indeed a great country.

I was so heartened to see the long, winding lines. The results mattered to so many. However, don't let yourself get down because you didn't get your "win." Dang it, you got close, I'll bet! There is no sin in having more work to do. That's what I experience in my profession daily, and I would dare say you do as well. So, if the candidates want politics as a profession, there is no shame in having more work required.

Some people still came away angry, "it doesn't matter," and the like. Really? You can't tell me that a 2-point defeat doesn't sound better than a 70 point defeat!! C'mon! So....we'll see where we go from here.

I found myself very grateful that the system worked its magic. It is so important that we believe in the process. I am disturbed that in my state, the process was so slow in some cases and the lines moved so slowly (malfunctions) that some left in frustration. Really? Everyone and his "pet" knew that this was a biggie. Get with the program, election offices!!! However, for the most part, more Americans felt the mid-terms were important for the first time in decades. Hey....that's good. That's really good. Congratulations to all!! We all mattered in this election.....

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