Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Greg Funderburk: Best-Selling Author, Lyricist, and Minister for Pastoral Care


Greg Funderburk  

The members of South Main Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, are fortunate to have a skilled author and lyricist as the Minister of Pastoral Care. Greg Funderburk has the knack of saying the appropriate things, in the appropriate ways, at the appropriate times. Hundreds of us have been comforted by his words during our most painful moments in life. As a result, some of us seek out Greg when we cannot find the "right word," and...he eventually finds it and expresses it with a clarity that we could only dream of conveying.

In addition to his lyrics, Greg Funderburk is now a best-selling author. His book The Mourning Wave recounts traumatic days in 1900 when the deadliest storm in America made landfall in Galveston, Texas. Another book by Greg, with an interesting perspective for our current lives is Let It Be Said We've Bourne It Well, a book about following God in the time of COVID-19 (we might be needing this for a while). It is available from Amazon. A new book entitled The Hurdles will be available in 2022. As you can see, Greg writes about navigating challenging times and assists us in finding ways to experience the presence of God in our difficulties.

Earlene Rentz Online Publications is fortunate to have Greg as a lyricist, and his creative, profound words continue to be worthy of our utmost consideration.

We often seek "home" in our journey of faith; a return to a moral center, a literal home, a return to normalcy, a return to comfort, peace, and that which we know to be who we really want to be. Greg's words send us into an acknowledgement of the darkness, then lead us into hope for the future. Click on the "Preview" to follow the score as you listen to the recording. SATB, Keyboard, and Cello

This text documents the literal journey of a "seeker" in search of a family of faith. As music draws the journeyman closer to a place of worship, they enter into fellowship with a congregation who welcomes them with open arms. The theme: "You are welcome here. You are not alone." SATB, with Baritone Solo and Cello

This meditative octavo in a reflective mood emphasizes the communication between an individual and the Almighty, as the listener is still and quiet. Written for SATB, Keyboard, and Cello.

Greg reflects on the challenge of being a graduate going out into the world during these days of uncertainty. Written for SATB Voices and Cello.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded to listen as we encounter the Almighty in our daily journey of faith. SATB

Greg Funderburk's lyrics, as set to music by Earlene Rentz, come from a creative place of kindness, insight, comfort, and hope. As we sing and read his words in these uncertain days, we can be confident that with a few "tweaks" along the journey, our faith is enough to withstand the uncertainty as it leads us with hope toward the future.