Friday, November 4, 2022

Rehearsal Preparation Sheets on J. W. Pepper

Most choral directors would agree that in rehearsal, they would like to get the most out of their students in the shortest amount of time. Why? Because that provides more time to rehearse additional octavos, and do other things that are required of educators. 

As a choral director, music educator, and choral music writer, I think I probably know my music as well as anyone. I also write my music with the idea that at some point I might be teaching the music to a choir I am conducing. I want every choir to learn the music easily while they enjoy the process. I think Rehearsal Preparation Sheets might help choral directors and students have experience a more positive day in choral rehearsals.

I have experienced the value of having students sing a Rehearsal Preparation Sheets specifically designed for a particular piece of repertoire.  The RPS content and structure is an example of the process of successive approximations ("simple to complex"). In the RPS, melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic issues within the piece that might cause difficulty in the sightreading process are addressed before they occur. Singers feel an overwhelming sense of success when they can continue singing to the end of a piece without stopping. 

For the past two months, I have been creating and uploading RPS sheets to J. W. Pepper, as resources to use with publications from Earlene Rentz Online Publications. There are currently 152 RPSs on the Pepper site, with 100 more to be uploaded in the next few weeks. These materials work beautifully for preparing students for success, and may also be used as general sightsinging materials.

Rehearsal Preparation Sheets are $5.00, with multi-copy privileges for the purchaser to use with his/her choir. I hope you will give these materials a try. Many of you have purchased our choral music, and we are eternally grateful. Try these resources to see if they make a difference in creating more time, more success, more joy in rehearsal, and a greater understanding of musicianship.