Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Patriotic Octavos for Veterans Day and Other Holidays


The most popular choral octavos being ordered these days are in the categories of "Patriotic" and "Holiday." People are getting a head start on both, and when you look at how quickly time seems to fly, it really is not too early to consider both holidays. You will find octavos below that others have selected for their choirs recently, and I hope you will give them a try.

1)    America the Beautiful - Can be sung a cappella or with the provided optional accompaniment. There is a solo for a special singer, and the piece moves to a powerful ending. SATBSAB, and SSA. Also available from J. W. Pepper.

2)    In Flanders Fields - The famous words of Lt. Col John McCrae (WWI) are set to an original tune. A French Horn solo provides the haunting mood for this legendary emotional poem.  SATBSABTTBB3-Part MixedUnison. Also available from J. W. Pepper.

3)    The Rising of the Moon- Though actually an Irish folk song, the style is robust and the emphasis is on unityTTBBTTBTB. Also available from J. W. Pepper

4)    The Star-Spangled Banner - Our National Anthem, telling the story of that perilous night in Baltimore Harbor. It begins with the second verse, then wends its way back to the first verse (Audience participation optional). SATBSAB. Also available from J. W. Pepper.

Other EROP Patriotic Octavos:

1)     When Johnny Comes Marching Home - The popular American folk song teaches us to celebrate the commitment, sacrifice, and loyalty of our soldiers in the armed forces. SATBSAB3-Part MixedSSATTB

2)     Son of Liberty - Takes us through significant events and battles fought by the USA at home and abroad, beginning with the Continental Congress. A great history lesson. TTBBTTBTB. Also available from J. W. Pepper.

3)     Let Freedom Ring - (My Country 'Tis of Thee), arranged with Optional Audience Participation and Optional Orchestration. SATB Also available from J. W. Pepper.

4)     Loud the Bells for Johnny Toll - The pain of losing a child to war is depicted, complete with Optional tolling bells. SATBSAB3-Part MixedSSA2-Part. Also available from J. W. Pepper.

5)     The Skies Remember - The sacrifice of military families who wait for the return of deployed loved ones is the theme of this original setting. They wait, they agonize over the danger and domestic challenges. Then they remember that they share the same sun, moon, and stars with their deployed spouses. The skies remember them. SATBSABSSA. Also available from J. W. Pepper.

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