Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Kentucky Castle

The Kentucky Castle

One of my favorite places to visit is The Kentucky Castle. It is a landmark visible to all on the infamous Versailles Road near my home. I have not met a soul in almost 20 years of Kentucky living who is unfamiliar with this unique structure. Most would not know of its storied past. Long story short: a man built the castle for his wife, and before its completion, things "did not work out." Then...the castle began a journey of owner to owner to owner, etc. You get the idea. However, The Kentucky Castle is now thriving. It is a favorite place for brunches, dinners, parties, meetings, and weekend get-aways.

The Castle is now a restaurant and hotel, filled with the unique delights of rooftop vistas, beautiful decor, a bar, and a gift shop. Oh...and did I mention an organic garden? Yes! The new owners of this landmark facility participate in organic gardening and host a community farmer's market during the summer. Kentucky is finally making wonderful use of The Castle on Versailles Road!!

  Organic Garden


One of the surprises of a recent visit was that two of the cutest goats were there to roam around the organic garden. Yes, the restaurant has plans for those two little cuties for the future, but I was so thrilled to see "small creatures" entertained on the castle grounds.

Castle Goats

You might think that such a place would only be a dinner spot, but no ma'am! There is a wonderful brunch every day, and the food is totally delicious. My cousin Catherine Bryant from Henry County (New Castle), Kentucky, joined me for our last get-together before my move to Texas. Sooo fun! It is a great place to take your special guests from out-of-town. Everyone is so kind, and The Kentucky Castle is "on the ball" with making sure reservations are correct and confirmed. 

Earlene and Catherine

Am I whetting your apetite for a Kentucky Castle experience? I hope so!! Please do not worry about wearing your marvelous evening attire for a visit into royalty. Leave your tiara at home (actually, you can purchase one in their gift shop, if you choose). Business casual attire is just fine, and the staff is always ready to make your experience delightful.

If you just want to rest, contemplate the universe, and walk the grounds, the gardens and lawns are extraordinary for a stroll. I hope you will choose to visit this wonderful place away from all that is "the norm." Just step back into medieval times, and take a few minutes to see the result of someone's creative image of royalty befitting a loved one. There is one thing we know for sure: This entire experience is truly "working out" for many of us who take a few moments to step back into history, and find an enjoyable experience...of royal dimensions.

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